Casa Marina is a music lover’s sanctuary. We are avid vinyl records collectors and have setup an audio system for your enjoyment. We have records in the house that you can play or you can bring your own, if you still have them. There are many quiet nooks in the house where you can do some private reading too. We have a sizable library and encourage guests to exchange or donate books for the enjoyment of others.

Central to Casa Marina is The Bell Tower where… wait for it… Legendary Breakfasts are served. We serve Filipino, Continental and American dishes but can whip up anything you like – just give us enough time to get the ingredients right.

The Bell Tower has a great view of the famous Pagsanjan River and leads down into the sunken garden. The sunken garden is equipped with a barbecue grill and fire pit. Great for outdoor get togethers, campfire songs and marshmallow roasts. We offer outdoor barbecue on occasion so do ask us about the schedules.

Casa Marina has prepared a curated list of Activities you can enjoy while vacationing with us. We grouped them into Day Tours that you may do altogether or you may pare them down to fit your lifestyle. Here are the curated lists:

Soul Food Day Tour

Wild Ride Day Tour

You may speak to our Inn Keeper any time to help design the activity set for you.

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